Devil makes work for Idle hands....

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incredible that woman still subject themselves this patriarchal circus show. I wonder how many of these women actually go on to university afterwards. I’m sure intellectual women of America can and will get a scholarship to go to uni without having to glue themselves to their underwear unless there really is something beneficial and life enhancing about this…

Off to see this dude in Newyork next week woooohh i cannot wait fusion of American jazz with a hint of west indies influence thrown in. GOOD STUFF!


So this ARD NUT is off to the BIG APPLE pretty soon next week Friday  i can’t freaking wait nor can i sleep SOO I’m online researching alooooada amazing food shiz, sights  and artistic endeavours to help get my creative juices flowing for when i go back to uni AND i come across this amazingg  ’sketch book’ library based in Brooklyn. It’s literally a library of physical sketchbooks if you get a chance to go it sounds so interesting and unlike anything I’ve ever come across as the library covers topics and themes from aspiring artists and designers-  basically you and or I could send off our own moleskin sketchbooks  to be viewed or requested by anyone who visits the library or the online catalogue search via this link on their digital library if a visit is not exactly round the corner:

It’d about time something like this existed. It’s  Brooklyn-based company  organizes global, collaborative art projects hosting 31,419 artists’ books contributed by creative people from 135+ countries. This kinda shit defoo rivals the likes of tumblr even!

Back in the day i had a Deviant art account of all my doodles and used to use myspace to exhibit my stuff. Luckily THIS just goes one step further into the minds of illustrators, designers of all kinds to see their personal or impersonal take on  themes of which you can search for inspiration, set by the “sketch book project” . I can’t stop kissing the ass of this! I love the fact that it’s focussed on hands on art making and new technology with the opportunity to physically see these books in real life or online, to “harness the power of the virtual world to share inspiration in the real world.” Ok i think I’m done raving. But have a nose see what you find for inspiration my open your mind a little bit.


HYpe tune 

interpretation of colour. Im loving those trousers.


Japan’s 10-year-old art prodigy


God damn i wish i could play guitar like this